Connecting to your vehicles has never been easier! 

GREENBOX is an app that gives you TOTAL CONTROL and allows you to manage and track your vehicles in real-time.  

To use GREENBOX you must have a Mobisat product



Track all your vehicles with Greenbox. Watch your car moving in real-time on Google Maps. You can track all your vehicles simultaneously. Be on top of everything.


Greenbox reproduces your vehicle dashboard (speed, engine rpm, fuel, diagnostic trouble codes, throttle valve pressure, etc. (available for OBDII devices only).


Greenbox can warn you in case of danger by sending notifications to your smartphone. It's up to you to decide which notifications you wish to receive.


Greenbox produces detailed reports of your vehicle activity: km/miles reports, detailed analysis of each trip, driving times, stop times, fuel consumption, etc.


Check your past trips and analyze driving activity on the App Virtual Dashboard. Greenbox keeps the complete archive of your past trips (6 full months of data).


Thanks to Greenbox, you'll know when your vehicle has any mechanical failure. Greenbox will display any vehicle's error on its virtual dashboard. You can use this feature to avoid any miscommunication with the mechanic.


Press a button on the app to prevent your vehicle from starting. Never worry about your car being stolen. If you run a rental car business, you'll appreciate this functionality. "Unplug the power" with a click of a button.


Unlike almost every other GPS solution, Greenbox prevents your vehicle battery from discharging. A must-have if you don't use your car (or motorcycle) for several months. Also, Greenbox is constantly checking your vehicle battery health status and will send you a warning notification if it's running low.


V.C.D.R. means Video Crash Dynamic Report. This service alone is worth having Greenbox. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle crash, Greenbox warns you immediately so that you can send help exactly where the accident happened. Greenbox produces a virtual video 3D reconstruction of the accident.


Greenbox warns you when your kids exceed any road speed limit or the speed limit set by yourself. Thanks to the parental control features, you'll be able to prevent car accidents by monitoring and correcting your kids' driving behavior.


The anti-tampering functionality warns you immediately if anyone touches your vehicle before it gets moved from its parking spot. Activate Anti-Tampering with the click of a button.


Every time you park your vehicle, Greenbox automatically creates an automatic Virtual Geofence around it, similar to an invisible wall that protects it. You'll get a notification as soon as Greenbox detects your car's position outside the Auto-Geofence.


You can mark unlimited Points Of Interests on the map. Greenbox can send you a notification every time that your device enters or leaves these virtual geo-zones.


Our Green Driving Score precisely monitors driving habits. Keeping track of driving habits will allow you to reduce fines and prevent traffic accidents.


You can create and share with the community points of interest (landscapes, tourist attractions, social events, monuments, etc.). Keep up with the fascinating places around you.

Your vehicle, your data.


Mobisat protects your privacy by recognizing that you, the customer, retain total ownership of the data collected on Mobisat servers, of whatever nature they may be, such as, for example, tracking data collected by your devices.

You, the customer, as the owner of the collected data, retain total control over it. Therefore, you have the right and power to autonomously delete (without giving notice and without limitation) information of any nature that belongs to you, including your personal data and tracking data collected on Mobisat servers.

Never, under any circumstances, will your data be sold or shared with private and/or public bodies, such as, for example, insurance companies, the police, etc.

Once you become our client, you’ll receive a contract signed by our founder, stating our commitments to you, the client. You can view this contract by following this link.

Greenbox for iOS

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Greenbox for Android


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You can access GREENBOX from any browser.