Installing a Black Box Inside a Vehicle.
5 Ways it can Save Lives in the Event of an Accident


A black box is another term for Event data recorder (EDR). An EDR or black box, is a device that is installed in a car to record information if you’re in an accident. The black box in your car is actually black in color, and usually made of plastic so the GPS signal isn’t weakened.

The black box in your car records your speed, the direction you’re traveling, how fast you accelerate and force impacts if you are in an accident. Your black box is typically connected to the phone network of whomever manages the system, typically a parent, and they can access your data without needing to get to the actual box.

Now, not all cars come with a black box pre-installed, but any car can have one installed. Another issue people have with black boxes in their car is privacy. Privacy is a big issue with the black box because it does take a lot of your information, which can be used against you if you ever have any legal issues. But, if you have a new driver, we think it’s important to have one installed in their car.

Here are 5 ways having a black box installed in your cars can save a life:

  1. Tells you drivers location. This is the most important reasons why you should have a black box installed. If any of your family members have been in an accident, the black box can show you their location. This is important if you have a new driver on the road and can’t reach them.
  1. It tells you how they were driving. If you or a family member were in an accident, the black box tells you how fast the driver was going, what direction they were going in, and how much force they experienced when they collided with another car. This will give the parent or guardian details about what their driver was doing. 
  1. Evidence in event of an accident. Stemming off the last bullet, you can use your black box as evidence in the event of an accident. Whether it be your drivers fault or not, the black box will tell you everything you need to know about the accident. 
  1. You can track the car. If you have a new driver on the road, they’re most likely going to get lost on their first few trips out by themselves. If they’ve been gone for quite some time and you’re starting to get worried, you can track their car through the black box you installed. 
  1. Improves driving. If someone knows they are being watched, they will most likely drive better – leading to less risk of accidents.

Installing a black box can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, but in our eyes, if you have a new driver, or a bad driver, in your family. We recommend getting one installed if the car didn’t already come with it. There’s no such thing as being too safe – especially when it comes to your family and driving.

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