How often a device sends its updated location?

by Mobisat LCC
How often a device sends its updated location?

The frequency with which a device sends its updated location is called the "Data Sampling Algorithm."

This Algorithm includes two processes that are:

  • the Data Acquiring Algorithm - determines how often a device stores the GPS/GNSS position (latitude, longitude, and altitude) inside its internal memory.
  • the Data Sending Algorithm - determines how often the device sends to a server the positions stored inside its internal memory.

In short, how often you see your vehicle's position on your App, depends on the device configuration for these two processes.

95% of the tracking devices on the market will acquire data using two variables, which are Time and Distance.

  • Some devices send their location every 5 min, 2min, 30sec, whatever the Time interval may be.
  • Some devices send their location every 1Km, 400m, 100m, whatever the distance interval may be.
  • Some devices combine these two methods to increase accuracy.

Only top-quality GNSS devices can use the THIRD VARIABLE: GNSS Angle; this is crucial for analyzing your vehicle's past trips and having an accurate distance-traveled report.

Our devices have a Smart Data Sampling Algorithm that autonomously changes the frequency to which the device sends its position, depending on the vehicle status.

It means that when a vehicle is moving, you will see its position updating in real-time. When it's not moving, you will see its position updating every hour.

The table below shows our device's configuration, which guarantees proper real-time positioning while the vehicle moves, and hourly updates while the engine is off.

DATA SENDING Every 1 secondEvery 3600 seconds

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